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We have served over 2 million hot, nourishing meals since Dec. 2015.

Refugee Community Kitchen serves nourishing food to displaced people in the UK and northern France. Entirely volunteer-run and donation-based, we are committed to serving wholesome food with dignity and respect to people in need.

Food is a human right

Not only does Refugee Community Kitchen keep people highly nourished but we are also providing a moment in the day where people can gather and connect. Our food distributions recreate a sense of community and provide a safe space for medical and legal services, safeguarding groups and other support.

Our story

By 2015 we'd seen tens of thousands of people forced to leave their homes, risking their lives in search of refuge and safety in the Europe.

We could no longer stand by as we watched people living in horrid conditions in makeshift camps in Europe, so the four of us- Steve (event organiser), Paula (doula), Sam (chef), Janie (activist)- came together to offer assistance in the form of nourishing meals and access to fresh food daily. We pooled our skills and those of our resourceful friends and set up a communal kitchen to support people living in the Calais refugee camps and beyond.

Since the 1st of December 2015 Refugee Community Kitchen has served over two million meals. We also serve hot food five nights a week at multiple points in London. We are committed to showing up rain or shine, and doing everything we can to make sure that no one goes hungry.


"Doing nothing was no longer an option."

Steve Bedlam, RCK co-founder

What we do

Northern France


Since the Calais Jungle was demolished we have been forced to adapt our distribution points and styles constantly so that we can continue to support refugees in the region. We currently serve food where ever we can find a safe place for people to congregate in the Calais / Dunkirk region.

London Outreach


In November 2016 we set up our 1st London outreach to feed the most vulnerable people living on the streets. We have been witness to the numbers of homelessness increasing including refugees who, for many reasons end up on the streets. To get involved in our UK outreach, please email us at rckoutreach@gmail.com.


Calais Jungle


In November 2015, RCK fundraised for and sourced the equipment needed to create a working kitchen in the Auberge des Migrants warehouse near the Calais 'Jungle'. Over the following year we served over 1500 hot, nutritious meals a day, 7 days a week to camp residents. We continued serving throughout the many changing circumstances of the camp from Ramadan's late hours to the first eviction to the camp's final demolition in October 2016.



Besides serving hot food in Dunkirk, we funded and built a self-service shop, communal kitchens, a Women's Centre and provided wood-fired ovens so that residents could prepare meals for themselves, their families and friends.