Thank you for choosing to support Refugee Community Kitchen with a crowd funding campaign. 

A popular way to do this is to set up a  BTMydonate fundraiser in our name (BTMydonate is the crowdfunding platform that we currently use). 

The advantages are: 

  • No fees from BTMydonate (so all money raised goes to Refugee Community Kitchen).
  • The money raised goes directly to Refugee Community Kitchen without having to wait a month for it to clear.
  • You do not have to withdraw the money into your personal account and send it to us, which saves you time and awkward questions down the line from your accountants / HMRC.
  • Your donors can add Gift Aid to their donations, which adds 25% extra on top of each donation from the government.  

Here's how to set up a BTMydonate fundraiser for Refugee Community Kitchen:

- Click here to get started
- Register yourself as a personal user.
- Choose  "Create My Challenge"
- Search and choose Refugee Community Kitchen as your charity of choice. You will see two choices:  
Refugee Community Kitchen OR Help Refugees And Refugee Community Kitchen. Choose the first option (Refugee Community Kitchen). 
- Then follow the instructions from there.