We need you!

Once again, we've seen a inhumane and cruel eviction carried out in Calais. Heavily armed police forced refugees, including minors, onto buses with out any information or communication.

After providing no safe or warm spaces throughout the brutal winter, this week's eviction clearly has nothing to do with compassion or human rights.

Conditions are horrific and showing solidarity through this inhumane situation is immensely challenging.

Refugee Community Kitchen needs your help now more than ever so please spread the word, follow us on social media and donate what you can. 



Here's a ground update from one of our incredible volunteers working in Calais. We're currently serving around 1200 portions of food a day to displaced people in Calais and Dunkirk. Plus an extra 1000 meals every Thursday in Brussels.

WE REALLY NEED VOLUNTEERS! So please join us if you have some spare time! Send an email to refugeecommunitykitchen@gmail.com to see how you can get involved.

Please spread the word & donate what you can!

Scotch Bonnet Chilli Sauce

scotch bonnet.jpg
scotch bonnet 2.jpg
scotch bonnet 3.jpg

This Scotch Bonnet chilli sauce brings much joy and banter around the condiment table, bringing much familiarity and cheer to all pallets. We affectionately call it 'Ya Ya' sauce. This swirling batch is an 150lt and should last a month or so. The flakey buttery paratha was also very very well received, a welcome addition to scoop up the Afghan beans with !

At Refugee Community Kitchen we take great pleasure in bringing some joy to our offerings, as well as our main stay menu of Curry, Rice and salad we always make items for the Condiment Table, which people help themselves to, the table often holds hot tea, water, dips, sauces, ground spices, fresh herbs, chopped lemon and onions.

Wishing you all joy, good food and happiness xxx ✨♥️✨

Refugee Community Kitchen GOES TO BELGIUM!


We've started bringing hot food to Brussels once a week on a day when no other association was able to support the 600+ people living rough there.

Big thanks to all of the groups that are already working hard to provide aid to displaced people in Belgium, including Deux Euros Cinquante, whose volunteers help us serve food weekly.

We are committed to providing food with dignity and respect wherever it's needed.

Please share & donate as we rely on your donations to keep hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of hot meals coming out daily!