It's #RefugeeWeek2018!


It's #RefugeeWeek2018! We don't often share photos of the people we serve or of our food distributions because we are very serious about creating safe spaces and don't generally allow photography. That being said, we are run by people for people! Here's an email that wrenched our hearts and strengthened our resolve:

Re: Hello everyone my name's ***** I'm from Sudan.

"I have been in Calais the jungle and it was one of the most difficult times I have ever lived in. I have stayed in the forest for nearly a year and a half. I have enjoyed the most beautiful friends in my life. They devoted their time to us and did everything they could to meet our needs of eating, drinking, dressing and treating like never before. After that I was lucky and entered the UK but unfortunately returned me to Italy after a short time because of my fingerprints and here I am back again but settled in France and thank God I've got official papers and permanent residence, but whenever I hear the news of the immigrants, my heart breaks because I have passed through these experiences and I know how to live without freedom and humanity and therefore you are the ones who draw the smile in our faces and the joy in our hearts..."