Scotch Bonnet Chilli Sauce

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This Scotch Bonnet chilli sauce brings much joy and banter around the condiment table, bringing much familiarity and cheer to all pallets. We affectionately call it 'Ya Ya' sauce. This swirling batch is an 150lt and should last a month or so. The flakey buttery paratha was also very very well received, a welcome addition to scoop up the Afghan beans with !

At Refugee Community Kitchen we take great pleasure in bringing some joy to our offerings, as well as our main stay menu of Curry, Rice and salad we always make items for the Condiment Table, which people help themselves to, the table often holds hot tea, water, dips, sauces, ground spices, fresh herbs, chopped lemon and onions.

Wishing you all joy, good food and happiness xxx ✨♥️✨