Thank you Riverside Refugee Community Kitchen


We just wanted to say thank you to the wonderful people at Riverside Refugee Community Kitchen who have tirelessly shown up at Cardiff Farmers' Markets every Sunday for over two years.

It's efforts like these that have made it possible for us to serve over 2.2 million hearty, delicious meals to people in need over the last two years.

We're currently serving up to 1700 meals a day! We can't do this with out your donations and fundraising efforts, so please continue sharing and giving and doing what you can to stand for love! ->


Riverside Refugee Community Kitchen is feeling grateful.22 August 2018 · 

So occasionally I have the pleasure of giving the total amount raised for Refugee Community Kitchen at our stall at the Cardiff Riverside Market since August 2016. Every penny raised is transferred over and to date we have raised £15,316.60. That's 30,600 meals for refugees. Thank you so much for all your donations and please keep supporting us as sadly the need is as great as ever.